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Owner/Operator:Express Marine Inc., Camden, NJ

Builder:Patti Shipyard, Pensacola, Fla.

Dimensions:115 x 38 x 16

Naval Architect:Greg Hughes, Guido Perla & Assoc.

Design/Type:ATB tug with ASD propulsion, matched with 480-foot coal barge

  • (2) EMD 710-12 diesels
  • 6,000 total hp at 900 rpm

  • Twin ASD; Steerprop SP-36 z-drives
  • Steerprop 9.25-foot diam. propellers in nozzles
  • Bollard pull 85 tons
  • Free running speed 13-14 knots
Express Marine goes with ASD drives on new ATB unit

Just a few years ago, Express Marine, a family-owned tug and barge company based in Camden, N.J., took a bold step with introduction of a pair of ASD z-drive tugs for use in pushing and towing barges loaded with coal. This year the same company has introduced the first of a line of z-drive tugs, each with an articulated coupler system for handling similar large coal barges. The company also introduced a new barge to go with the new tug. The latest new tug, Freedom, was delivered from Patti Shipyard in Pensacola, Fla., this past spring. The 115-foot tug, with elevated pilothouse and raised fo’c’s’le deck common to many articulated tug-barge (ATB) units, is outfitted with a JAK-700 Coupling System. She has been matched with a newly delivered 480-foot barge, EMI 2400, built at the Gunderson Marine shipyard in Portland, Ore.